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Salon furniture - Styling units - Krystal Murale

Krystal Murale 1P:

Single, wall styling unit available in all the laminate colours from our range, see Materials below. Supplied with hairdryer holder in polished aluminium. Footrest and electrical socket not included. Also available as a 2 or 3 seater unit, see options below, or as an island unit.


FF 7100 P1


Krystal Murale Structure Details


Salon furniture


Styling units

    • Code FF 7100 P1
      Krystal Murale 1P
      (FF 7100 P1)
    • Code FF 7100 P2
      Krystal Murale 2P
      (FF 7100 P2)
    • Code FF 7100 P3
      Krystal Murale 3P
      (FF 7100 P3)
    • Blanc Luxe T31
      Blanc Luxe T31
    • Blanc T41
      Blanc T41
    • Jute T27
      Jute T27
    • Lino T26
      Lino T26
    • Montreal T10
      Montreal T10
    • Noir Luxe T15
      Noir Luxe T15
    • Noir T42
      Noir T42
    • Orme Cannelle T11
      Orme Cannelle T11
    • Plomb 62
      Plomb 62
    • Silver 13
      Silver 13

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