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Nelson Mobilier wash units and shampoo stations are designed for both the hairdresser and end user. Elegant, sturdy and functional Nelson Mobilier’s wash units come in a variety of shapes and sizes to make a quick rinse simple or a head massage part of a luxury experience. Built to European standards and using the finest materials Nelson Mobilier’s shampoo stations offer ergonomics for the hairdresser with easily accessible taps, showerheads and remote controls and for the end user with tilting ceramic bowls, and options such as the remote-controlled leg rest or Shiatsu air massage.

  • Iron Black Wash

  • Privatus

  • Privé

  • Gowash

  • Gowash 2P

  • Gowash 3P

  • Ergowash

  • Chromowash

  • Charmewash

  • Topwash Chrome

  • Topwash Chrome 2P

  • Topwash Chrome 3P

  • Topwash All Black

  • Topwash Wood

  • Topwash Eco

  • Topwash Eco 2P

  • Topwash Eco 3P

  • Topwash

  • Formulawash

  • Kuawash

  • Kuawell

  • Smartwash

  • Sofa Plus 2P

  • Sofa Plus 3P

  • Armor Sup

  • Armor Lift