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Upholstery cleaning

All our upholstery is treated against stains and selected ranges are also fire retardant.

If a stain appears on a styling chair or backwash, remove it immediately by using a microfibre cleaning cloth with lukewarm soapy water (neutral soaps only)

To keep your upholstery flexible and prevent hardening over time, especially for moving wash units, apply a leather softener or baby cream to the fabric. Always test the cream on a hidden area to check for compatibility prior to applying on the visible side of the chair.

Never rub the upholstery when dry or too vigorously.  

Avoid all use of 
scouring powders or abrasive sponges.

Never use any type of household, glass or surface cleaner containing solvents or alcohol to clean the upholstery.


If jeans or other clothes discolour a white or light fabric, use a wet pad with make-up remover milk and a few drops of 90° alcohol. We can recommend special products for your particular problem, for example, Magic Cleaner by Wurth, feel free to contact us for more information. Please note that Nelson Mobilier cannot be held responsible for any permanent stains on upholstery.

Upholstery cleaning

Cleaning other surface finishes

Please do not use abrasive products when cleaning aluminium, Plexiglas or laminate finishes. We recommend using a wet sponge or a microfibre cloth with a neutral detergent if necessary.

Avoid any impacts with Plexiglas or laminate finishes (for example dropping scissors) as this may cause the material to crack.


To guarantee a long life to your Nelson Mobilier furniture, we recommend you regularly check the condition of your material and carry out cleaning at set intervals. For more information or assistance contact us on info@nelson-mobilier.com.

All products are supplied with a 2 year warranty, excluding consumable parts, and respect European standards.