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Salon furniture - Styling units - iTable Centrale

€2,595.00 | €1,816.00

iTable Centrale 4P :

4 seater island styling unit with surfaces in matt white laminate, ref. Blanc T41, and edges in cinnamon elm, ref. Orme-Cannelle T11. 8 integrated sockets, 2 for each position, footrests not included. Also available in a wall unit version.


FF 1700 P4


iTable Centrale Structure Details


Salon furniture


Styling units

    • Code 
FF 1700 P4
      iTable Centrale 4P
      ( FF 1700 P4)
    • Code 
FF1700 P2C
      iTable Centrale 2P
      ( FF1700 P2C)
Blanc T41
      Blanc T41
Orme Cannelle T11
      Orme Cannelle T11

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