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Diamant Blanc Medium

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Salon furniture - Reception Desks - Diamant Blanc Medium

Diamant Blanc Medium:

Retro lit reception unit with white lacquered frame and velvet support, available in the colours from our range. Rear unit available in white laminate, ref. Blanc T31, or black laminate ref. Noir T42. Equipped with one lockable drawer and extractable keyboard support. To view finish options, click Materials below.


FH 6200


Diamant Blanc Medium Structure Details


Salon furniture


Reception desks

    • Blanc Luxe T31
      Blanc Luxe T31
    • Bleu Pétrole V20
      Bleu Pétrole V20
    • Bleu V21
      Bleu V21
    • Noir T42
      Noir T42
    • Noir V22
      Noir V22
    • Noisette V17
      Noisette V17
    • Olive V18
      Olive V18
    • Rouge V23
      Rouge V23
    • Soleil V16
      Soleil V16
    • Verdier V19
      Verdier V19

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