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New products for 2023

New products for 2023

For our wash unit range Topwash there is a new all black version. From the upholstery to the basin, including the mixer and hand shower, everything is in black for “Topwash All Black”. Black, coincidentally, is also the favourite colour of our customers!

The Origami mirror and its aluminium profile extends to 3 positions, already available in 2 or 1 place(s) the Origami 3P offers a complete width of 4 meters. You can also personalize it by choosing the colour of the profile from the huge range of RAL colours.

Nelson Mobilier continues to increase the possibilities of customizing our products. After the bases of the styling chairs, it is now possible to choose the taps in gold or black on our wash basins.

In terms of functionality, we now offer the Pluie hand shower as an option on all our wash units. Pluie allows you to modify the jet of water in 2 types. Either a shower effect jet to work and treat the hair more gently or with stronger pressure in a concentrated jet.

Finally more joy in the upholstery offer we are introducing pink to the Skai and velvet collection. A colour much appreciated in the world of hairdressers and beauticians. Don't miss our stand at Cosmoprof Bologna 2023 where we will be introducing even more new products.