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Latest products for Spring 2022

Latest products for Spring 2022

Emphasis on the styling experience for the spring collection from Nelson Mobilier with a return to shared and multiple styling units, rather than individual ones. At the base of most solutions a hairdresser "bar" gives more space to the hairdresser and more comfort to the client. Available in gloss black or white and electrified, the bar blends with different mirror styles to suit the design of the salon.

Scamnum Bar Ronde/ Carré

The circle as the shape of the mirror is in demand at the moment and the gold finish has always been. Scamnum Bar Rond responds with 2 trends with a frame in shiny gold but also more modern look in gloss black. if you want to stand out from the crowd, the rounded square shape of the Scamnum Bar Carré mirror might be the better choice.

iTable Noir

4 places, 8 sockets, iTable Noir allows you to create an island of activity in the centre of your salon. Often we think we don't have the space for a double-sided mirror, which is a shame because our designers can demonstrate gaining styling units rather than losing them with this kind of solution.

iPure Cadre Noir/ Wood

iPure Frame allows the customer and hairdresser to feast in front of a mirror of width and height of 145cm. A double-sided mirror without illumination to also turn heads when they pass by your living room.

I was told today that there will still be new products for Cosmoprof, we will keep you informed!