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New products review - winter 2020

New products review - winter 2020

Here’s a look at some of the ideas and possibilities behind our new products launched in November 2020. Perhaps the most notable elements are the metallic effect mirrors Ovalis and Rectangulum alongside the Scamnum (literally meaning “bench”) styling stations. “The effect sought is minimalist chic with the aim of creating an elegant and refined frame to the mirror which detaches it from the wall” confirms Daniele Gilardi, design director for Nelson Mobilier. “This approach would work particularly well with a cream or marble look decor” states Daniele. The new mirror shape Ovalis is very gracious and Daniele suggests it could be very subtle without a shelf, just embellished by the gloss black or brass frame. The Scamnum dressing table, in its round or rectangular form, adds an industrial touch with its contrasting matt black metal frame and brass finish footrest. All this is backed up by the decidedly bold Cicero reception unit in matt black this time with brass metal inserts to give a modern or even brash feel to the reception.

Moving to a more residential feel the new lines Imperium and Decò aim to bring a Parisian style echoing the internal decors used in the capital’s more refined homes. These designs combine particularly well with our Charme styling chair and wash unit. The Fluctus range of mirrors and reception meanwhile offer a more tactile and modern elaboration of the wood frame with a graphic effect in 3 different colours. The new reception seating unit Homerus could combine with either design but instils a slightly informal and retro feel to the reception area, recalling a 1950’s public transport bench.

Privatus, the new luxury wash unit, needs no explanation of its concept in these times but does also offer greater intimacy between the operator and client as well as greater privacy between customers. Gone are the colours and stimulus of previous wash units replaced with a cradle approach where you can lay back fully relaxed, protected from stimuli, before perhaps enjoying an air massage. A good image to finish with.

To find out more about all our new products and ranges please visit www.nelson-mobilier.com and contact us at info@nelson-mobilier.com