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Salon furniture - Washunits - Topwash Chrome

€8,595.00 | €6,016.00

Topwash Chrome 3P :

3 seater version of this slim wash unit, with polished, inox stainless steel panel, ideal for smaller spaces or for increasing the number of wash units in the salon. Supplied with ergonomic, tilting ceramic, white or black, basin (mixer tap and showerhead included) waste trap and integrated rear storage space. Other options available are the remote controlled electric leg rest and Shiatsu air massage on the seat and back of the chair. Please click Materials below to view the fabric options and Options to view the 1 or 2 seater configurations.


FA 490 3P


Topwash Chrome Structure Details


Salon furniture


Wash Units

    • Code 
FA 490
      Topwash Chrome
      ( FA 490)
    • Code 
FA 490 2P
      Topwash Chrome 2P
      ( FA 490 2P)
    • Code 
FA 490 3P
      Topwash Chrome 3P
      ( FA 490 3P)
    • Code 
      Supplement Electric / PL
      ( SUP RJ ELEC)
    • Code 
      Supplement Shiatsu Air / PL
      ( SUP SHIATSU)
    • Code 
Fermerture au dos
      Fermerture au dos
      ( Fermerture au dos)
  • Bicolor

    Color Details

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