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Salon furniture - Washunits - Sofa Plus 2P

Sofa Plus 2P:

Washunit with storage back coffer integrated. Structure in water repellant laminate with upper part in grey aluminium only. Ergonomic tilting bowl and waste trap valve. 2 or 3 places.


FA 350 2P


Sofa Plus Structure Details


Salon furniture


Wash units

    • Code FA 350 2P
      Sofa Plus 2P
      (FA 350 2P)
    • Code FA 350 3P
      Sofa Plus 3P
      (FA 350 3P)
    • Code SUP RJ ELEC
      Supplement Electric / PL
      (SUP RJ ELEC)
    • Code SUP SHIATSU
      Supplement Shiatsu Air / PL
  • Backwashes SOFA in hairdressing salons

    • Blanc Luxe 31
      Blanc Luxe 31
    • Cafe 29
      Cafe 29