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Silver Small

Salon furniture - Recepton desks -Silver Small

Silver Small:

Reception with back part in laminate Blanc Luxe31. Mould and lacquered polystyrene frame with a shiny gold or silver coating.


FH 1350


Silver Small Structure Details


Salon furniture


Reception desks

  • Laminate

    • Orme Cannelle T11
      Orme Cannelle T11
    • Montreal T10
      Montreal T10
    • Plomb T62
      Plomb T62
    • Silver 13
      Silver 13
    • Jute T27
      Jute T27
    • Lino T26
      Lino T26
    • Blanc T41
      Blanc T41
    • Blanc Luxe T31**
      Blanc Luxe T31**
    • Noir T42
      Noir T42
    • Noir Luxe T15**
      Noir Luxe T15**